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The annual Rainbow Gathering is temporary camping village with thousands of hippies of all ages celebrating Peace and Love (and smoking a lot of pot!) during one week in a remote site on some public land. It takes place at a different location every year.

All night long, participants gather around large bonfires and dance at the sound of tribal drums.

Unlike Burning Man, this event is totally free and not organized. Free food is served by community kitchens (donations are accepted). There is no organization, no program, no rules (except Peace and Love), and no commercial activity.

If this sounds interesting, check out
The Rainbow Family of Living Light or look at alt.gathering.rainbow.

You can also read this good newspaper article about the 2004 Rainbow Gathering.

Those are the best of the photos I took during 3 days (and 2 nights) at the 2004 Rainbow Gathering (my first) in the beautiful Modoc National Forest in Northern California, during the 4th of July 2004 week-end.

Those photos don't give a really good idea of what this event is about, but it's a glimpse of what I saw there.

If this looks interesting and if you feel hippy enough, then you should go to one of those, it's a unique experience, and a chance to meet many very cool people!

Equipment used: Sony DSC F828 (8 Mega-pixel) with 4GB Microdrive.

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