burning man unidentified burners and art, can you help? - 12 photos


If you have contact information for any of these persons or art pieces, please email me, i might need to get their model release, thanks!

Please include the photo name or link in the email.

For information on this festival, check out my other photos of Burning Man.

girl with orange hair - burning man 2015, bandana, burning man, camelback, orange hair, third eye, woman
topless woman art car - burning man 2013, burning man, head lamp, head light, mutant vehicles, necklace, nipples, petzl, topless, unidentified art car, woman
human graffiti wall - burning man 2012, body graffiti, bumper sticker, burning man, famous burner, graffiti wall, necklaces, skin graffiti, topless, woman
model in a picture frame - burning man 2012, burning man, feathers, goggles, green scarf, picture frame, topless, woman, wooden frame
topless bunny jumping - burning man 2012, bunny march, burning man, jump, jumpshot, topless, woman
man wearing pink fishnet and leather - burning man 2009, burning man, costume, fishnet bodysuit, leather underwear, pink, rings, straps
wrestlers - burning man 2008, burning man, masked, topless, woman, women wrestling, wrestler masks
flamenco dancer - burning man 2007, burning man, flamenco dancer, flamenco dress, woman
body-paint - burning man 2007, body art, body paint, body painting, burning man, half, topless, umbrella, white, woman
leonidas - burning man 2007, burning man, costume, fake blood, leonidas, nude, red, stage blood, theatrical blood, theatrical helmet, warrior
20699-burning-man-2006, burning man
20011-burning-man-2006 - egyptian couple, body jewelry, burning man, nipple piercing, topless, woman