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Photos of Kandi Kids.

A Kandi Kid is commonly called a "Candy Raver", "Candee Child" or "Kandi Raver".

A Kandi Kid is a rave attendee who exchanges or shares small gifts, primarily beads, necklaces, toys, bracelets, or stickers.

The defining part of a Kandi Kid's appearance is their wearing of many homemade bracelets made of plastic beads, known as Kandi. The bracelets are often given as gifts to remember past raves and commemorate new friendships.

Kandi Kids are also known (and sometimes identified) by their brightly coloured style. They are often found wearing bright clothing depicting "trippy" designs, as well as cartoon characters, hair extensions or hair falls, fake dreadlocks, childish attire, chew toys laced on string around their necks, fuzzy leg warmers, visor hats, hair clips, and much bright makeup.

For more information about Kandi Kids, go to: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kandi_Kid .

I took most of these photos in San Francisco.

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