burning man art cars - 2 photos

Photos of art cars at the Burning Man festival.­

Those art cars are heavily decorated and customized vehicles that are used during the Burning Man festival.­

Most art cars are not street-legal, but some are, and they can be spotted occasionally on the road or on city streets.­

For information about the Burning Man Festival and to see my photos from other years, click here.

DSC04031 - topless woman dancing - burning man 2013, breasts, burning man, dancing, fishyboat art car, headdress, horns, marching band, narwhal art car, necklaces, topless woman
DSC02531 - woman dancing on david best's rocket car - burning man 2012, art car, black leg warmers, burning man, dancing, furry leg warmers, long, necklaces, rocket car, topless woman